We are resourceful. Maybe not all of us, but certainly you could use the word resourceful to describe more Mainers than not.

When we think something is no good, it’ll be good for someone else.

Some take that feeling and attitude and go big.

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Don’t we all see bicycles, mowers, and similar items in the trash, or in front of someone’s house with the FREE sign?

Jon Elwell of Rockport picks up those items and repairs them so they can find new owners.

He does this at Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corp. In the building called ‘Regeneration’.


He strips down some items to use as parts for other items.

And then the items are sold for very low prices, like $10 for a repaired bicycle for example. Or $25 for a re-conditioned lawnmower.

Mint Images/ Tim Pannell
Mint Images/ Tim Pannell

The organization has a grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection that started the program, and in year one there have been 23 bicycles, 17 lawnmowers, 4 weed whackers, a power washer, 2 chainsaws, 2 snow blowers and 2 leaf blowers repaired, repurposed and sold.

Jon told the Camden Herald he:

gets a sense of accomplishment from seeing items get new owners who are happy to have them.

Mid-Coast Solid Waste facility is on Union Street in Rockport.

Let’s go shopping. Or let's drop off items to be re-purposed for new projects, for new people.

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