Big Apple on Wilson Street in Brewer is getting knocked down. Down to the ground.

Here comes a change in the landscape in Brewer most didn’t see coming.

Big Apple will close the location at Wilson Street and Acme Road in Brewer after this Sunday, July 9. According to two different employees, they have officially been told of the closing date and the future plans.

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Sunday is the last day, then the building will be knocked down.

The demolition process is not expected to start until next month.

And yes the building that houses the Big Apple convenience store will disappear. So will the car wash.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Then a new beginning. The rebuilding process will take between 5 and 7 months, and everything will be brand new.

So if this is your place to stop for the convenience store or the gas pumps, the car wash, or the C N Brown fuel facility, stand by for "progress."

The lot is sizable and who knows what the new building will contain, or even look like.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

But we should be able to watch the progression soon and celebrate a grand opening in early 2024.

Meanwhile, the employees still working at this location will move to another Big Apple.

And we’ll see if the operation at this Big Apple returns to 24 hours a day, next year.

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