On February 1st, Bangor International Airport is hosting an amazing event designed to help acclimate people with different sorts of disabilities with air travel. It's a partnership between the airport, Allegiant Airlines, the Transportation Security Administration and the Autism Society of Maine.

It's a program called 'Wings For All'. The basic idea, according to the BDN, is that they can help folks with autism and other developmental disabilities who've never traveled by air before, and walk them through the basics. Folks will show up with a carry-on bag, go through security, get their tickets, wait at the gate, etc...

They're going to do everything but actually take off into wild blue yonder. Folks with sensory challenges could find this kid of travel very difficult, so the organizers hope this will familiarize people with the process, and make it much less intimidating for them later on down the road.

While the event is geared more toward kids, anyone who suffers from a developmental disability is welcome to participate. If this sounds like something someone in your family, or someone you know could benefit from, you can register them for this first-of-it's-kind-in-Maine event right here. 

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