Certainly, a nice time of the year when it comes to weather right now. Some hot and humid days, but generally very pleasant conditions.

Snow is far enough in our rearview mirrors that we have pretty much moved on from that season.

But before we put everything away, hats off to all the snowplow drivers out there.

Snowplows are pretty impressive important machines. And not too sensitive to get their feelings hurt if they have nicknames like Plowy McPlow Face or Sled Zepplin.

Love the communities that have nicknamed their plows.  Some have nicknamed their plow drivers.

And before they are all put away for the summer storage season, let’s give a salute to the Bangor Airport Maintenance Assistant Supervisor James Scripture.

He once again competed in the annual Snow Plow Rodeo.

And once again was victorious. For the third consecutive year.

Who knew they held Snow Plow Rodeo competitions? But they do. And appropriately, they were in Buffalo, New York. It might be snowing today in Buffalo, with that lake effect they have to deal with.

These were held at the 54th Annual NEC/AAAE International Aviation Snow Symposium.  Imagine that, executives get together to discuss airport snow removal and winter airport operations.

One more thing that got set aside during the pandemic, but the event is back, and once again Bangor is at #1.

Congrats. And enjoy the summer months as you dream about getting hammered with a Nor’Easter or two, and watching Frankie McDonald's YouTube Channel.

Here's a video of the competition from Buffalo.

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