Scrolling the internet and see this headline:

The Best and Worst of Each state in the USA – Wait Until you see Montana.

Curious? The Montana reference isn’t what got me to check it out. I’m curious what people from away have to say about Maine. Best and Worst.

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Is it the fresh air, and open spaces everywhere? The trees? The hills? The water. The fact there aren’t people back-to-back to back everywhere?

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

And worst, would it be that good jobs seem to be rare? Or the summer invasion of tourists? Or the winter weather?

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No, and No.

The Best of Maine: Owning Dogs

They say that dog is man’s best friend, and the people of Maine know this to be true. The state of Maine is known to be the best for owning dogs, with no discrimination or restrictions on the breed.


Whether you own a tiny pomeranian or a larger-than-life golden retriever, they are sure to have a wonderful time living in Maine. Not only do people tend to love canines in the state, but there are at least 76 dog-friendly beaches for them to enjoy.

Dog travel by car. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever enjoying road trip.
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The Worst of Maine: High Cost of Living

Unfortunately for the average citizen living in Maine, it’s not necessarily a dog’s life. The cities in the state may be beautiful and charming, but living in them comes at a cost. Being a resident of Maine is no cheap experience.


The annual cost of living in Maine is 14% above the national average, and the rental fees are some of the highest in the country. This high cost of living would be manageable if it weren’t for the low median wage which makes living in Maine an expensive option.

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This is where the story came from.

Spoiler alert, FYI Montana. The best was raising cats. Cats live a longer life in Montana.

And the worst of that state was the lack of good internet access.  Maine will give you a challenge on that when you get out in the willie wacks or if you will willie wags.

Enjoy our state, wherever you are, and whatever the reason.

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