Belfast Police have issued a warning to parents after a man propositioned some boys in a city park.

Officials say the boys, ages 7 and 12, were playing in a dugout at the Belfast Community Park on March 28 when a strange man walked up to them at around 1 p.m. Police say the man struck up a conversation with the boys, telling them they should be wearing snow boots. The kids answered him by telling him they were going to play basketball and the man asked if he could watch, following the boys to the court. As they were walking, the man allegedly whispered to the older boy, asking if he knew what a blow job was and then, if he'd like to have one. The boys walked away from the man and told some other adults what had happened.

Police say the man appeared to be in his late '60s or early '70s, with a long white ponytail and glasses. Two adults who were in the park at the time told authorities that he was wearing an odd-looking hat, like a bomber hat or a Sherlock Holmes hat.

Now, police are asking the public to keep their eyes open for any suspicious behavior, and report anything that seems inappropriate. In addition, they're warning parents to talk to their children about stranger danger and what to do if they're approached.

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