Been there.  Done that. Never will do it again.

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As we continue to get what we assume to be good news in regards to the pandemic and the progress we are making and especially will make sooner rather than later, how about we think about things we did without second thought a year ago, but now we’d run kicking and screaming instead of repeating some of our past behaviors.

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Sharing ChapStick. Or lip stick. Doubt that’ll happen again. How did it ever happen in the first place.

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How about if we get to go back to more and more restaurants will we share food from our plates?  Probably hesitate to take a bite out of someone’s sandwich. And will we ever see a salad bar or buffet again?

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Vaccinated or not, I don’t ever want to stand really close to people in line ever again.  Let’s maintain social distancing.  Now and forever. And while we’re at it, mock me if you will, but I agree with one way aisles in the grocery store too.  There, I’ve said it.

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We don’t see a lot of escalators in Maine, but there are enough stairs. Did you use the handrail pre ‘rona. Will you use it now.

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Ever been in a crowded bar, pre pandemic of course, late late in the evening, and you see two previous strangers making out like there’s no tomorrow.  Wonder if that’s going to happen again post pandemic.

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This one is my go-to question pre and post pandemic. In life we shake a lot of people’s hands whom we don’t know.  I enjoy meeting new people, and I always have. It was very common in the past to shake hands with people you met. I preferred fist bumps even pre-pandemic, but lots of people I have asked, “Will you shake someone’s hand that you don’t know going forward” and lots of people have answered yes. Thanks for your optimism.

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