The cannabis industry has come a long way in recent years.

Years back, people always talked about the legalization of cannabis in Maine, but there was definitely never a direct path toward that happening. Then, about 10 years ago, Maine legalized it for medicinal purposes after decades of research pointing towards cannabis as a source of pain relief and nausea control for cancer patients.

This crack in the armor of Maine's cannabis laws led to recreational usage being passed in Maine in 2016. During all this time, many growers started providing care for patients, and cannabis as an industry in Maine began getting stronger. Though not without its challenges. One of the biggest is proper education for growers.

Beal University in Bangor is changing all that right now.

One might infer that federal legalization across the board could come at basically any time. Beal University will become the only educational institution in the state offering three different Associate's Degrees in cannabis, and only one of a handful around the entire country.

These new programs officially begin in May. They're offering degrees in cannabis business management, cannabis lab sciences, and medicinal plant sciences. All these programs are offered online, so you can earn them on your time.

It's a crazy time to be alive for sure when it comes to things like this. USM is offering a beer-making degree of sorts, and now this. It's nice to see that education will be at the forefront of this industry going forward, and finally bring credibility to a constantly expanding line of work. Next up.... a doctorate in cannabis? Time will tell.....


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