A local teen, who's raised money for cancer research since he was 9, will be featured in a documentary being shot at a home run derby he's organizing, but batters are needed!

Tommy Hosmer is one of those kids who makes us all feel like underachievers. After losing his grandmother to cancer when he was 9 years old, he decided to work toward a day when other families wouldn't have to go through watching their loved one suffer. So he started simple, with bake sales and the like, until he got the idea for a baseball tournament. Team Mimi, named for his grandmother, hosts the tournament each spring.

Now, a major corporation (and we mean MAJOR), who has asked to remain anonymous for now, has taken notice of his good works and is honoring him with an award. Plus, they're filming a documentary about him that will be shot at an event for his charity. Since the tournament is in the spring, they needed to come up with something this month that would raise even more money.

So this Saturday, folks are invited to join in a Home Run Derby that will happen at the Union Street Athletic Fields in Bangor. It's just $25 to take part, and prizes will be awarded, including $300 for first place, $200 for second, and $100 for third. Spectators are eligible to win too, so they hope people will come out and show their support, even if they're not stepping up to the plate! All the money raised will benefit the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer.

It sounds like an awesome day. Baseball after the season is over, the chance to win prizes, and raising money for a wonderful cause. Add in the chance to see an amazing young man honored for his good works on a national scale and it sounds like a pretty exciting way to spend a Saturday. For more information, log onto the Team Mimi Facebook page.

Congratulations, Tommy!

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