One of Bangor's oldest and most distinctive houses is now for sale, with plenty of income potential as well as an elegant home.

When Was the Kent-Cutting House in Bangor Built?

The Kent-Cutting Double House was built in 1883 by Charles Bryant and features a combination of old-world accents and modern improvements. Charles Bryant had worked in the lumber industry before becoming an architect and so his designs carry one unique signature feature. As you look at the pictures of the outside of the house, notice the wreaths carved into the wood, indicative of its Greek Revival style. Those were carved by Bryant and can be seen on many historic buildings around the city, including the Bangor House. In high school, I volunteered with the Bangor Historical Society on a tour of his buildings and, let me tell you, they are beautiful. This one is my favorite.

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The home was named for the original residents, Edward Kent and Jonas Cutting, who were law partners. Kent served as mayor of Bangor in 1836-1837, before serving two terms as Governor in 1838 and 1840. According to the Bangor Historic Register, Jonas Cutting was named to the Maine Supreme Court.

What is a Double House?

Listed on by Tyne Kenny of the Bean Group for $685,000, this house features two residences with an unusual mutual common area, which can be divided between the two homes. The owner's residence has six bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, while the rental side has two bedrooms, one bath, and an office space. As stunning as the house is, with its tin ceilings and marble fireplaces, the grounds are also beautiful, especially for a house that sits in town. Gardens abound on the lot that sits at 48-50 Penobscot Street, just off the Broadway Historic District. Walking distance to downtown while still maintaining a sense of privacy. In addition, there's a 3-car garage, so your vehicle is protected year-round from Mother Nature.

Is It Zoned for a Home-Based Business?

There are a number of possibilities for this property, including a home-based business, long-term rental income from the second residence, or perhaps even listing it on Airbnb to people visiting the Bangor area. I could go on and on, but the proof is in the pictures. Check out this amazing home and imagine yourself living in the lap of luxury.

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One of Bangor's oldest and most distinctive houses is now for sale, with plenty of income potential as well as an elegant home.

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