Car accidents mess everything up.

Probably one of the most annoying things in the world, and it only ever happens when you need to be somewhere immediately, is getting in a car accident. Now, forgive me, I'm definitely not trying to make light of anyone who's ever been in a serious car crash. that's a whole different scenario.

I'm talking specifically about people on their phones and not paying attention, running a red light and getting cracked up in the front end, or rear ended by someone just flat-out not paying attention. But there is one spot in all of Penobscot County, that has the most fender benders and bumper stumpers. And it's right here in Bangor.

We've probably all had a near miss in this spot.

The intersection where Odlin Road crosses Interstate 395, and 395 turns into Route 2, headed toward Hermon, or vice versa. Or sideways. Whatever. That spot sees more crumpled trunks and blue lights than anywhere else in our whole county. Everyone probably has a story about that spot.

Photo via Google Earth
Photo via Google Earth


According to a post a couple years ago in the BDN, between 2017 - 2019, there were 55 crashes in that intersection. Luckily, less than 20% of those crashes involved injury. That's a pretty low number, thankfully. But as you'd expect, it's mostly folks getting rear-ended for any variety of reasons du jour.

Officials have been looking long-term to find ways to tame this wild section of road. Right now, it's a wild traffic stallion with it's mane flowing in the breeze. Most folks would like to see it become a pleasant little work horse that just does it's job. We'll see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, just be careful. Please?

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