If you're a fan of the various walking trails along the Penobscot River, this will kind of big news for you. According to a Facebook post from the Bangor Water District, the City of Bangor will need to shut down a pretty substantial section of the Waterfront walking trail, as they begin a fairly long term construction project.

The city is installing a 3.8 million gallon storage tank in that area, that will help reduce the amount of sewer overflow into the river. The closed area will begin right in the vicinity of Darling's Waterfront Pavillion, and will extend all the way down to Dutton Street near the far end of Hollywood Casino. Check out this map:


In a nutshell, it's reducing the size of the trail by almost half. But, let's be real here. If the city needs to get in there and take steps to ensure that our mighty Penobscot stays as clean as possible, it's worth the inconvenience. Not to mention, there are several other trail options.

There's the new and improved Brewer waterfront trail. There's also a really cool, if not slightly hard to find, trail in Veazie down at the end of School Street. And, the first half of the Bangor waterfront trail, from the Seadog to the Pavillion will still be open. So it's not remotely a total loss.

It may feel like an inconvenience now, but this project will be wrapped up before you know it. And our beloved river will be better for it too. Maybe just go enjoy some of the other trails for a while. See you there!

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