The Annual (except Last Year) Bangor Police Department bike auction is coming up this Saturday. Cool. Hopefully it will cooler too. Saturday the 12th  at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department, which is located at 647 Main Street. Registration and the auction preview begins at 9 a.m. Wondering what size bikes?  What color?  What types?

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The 1st bike will be auctioned at 10 a.m. Imagine what's going on in your kid's mind as they look over the bikes available and picture themselves, independent with the wind on their back. Freedom is a bike, and with that bike comes responsibility, and the rise in self esteem, after such a difficult year plus, to be a kid. See the world or the neighborhood.

The auction ends when all the bikes are auctioned off. All bikes are cash and or checks only. No credit cards. All proceeds from the auction go to the Bangor Police Department community service fund. So they can continue to do the good works they do with that fund.

We asked Sergeant Wade Betters, Public Information Officer, Bangor Police Department how the money from the fund is spent.

"We spend money from our community services fund on things like (but not limited to) holiday decorations and events. Also on-pet and toy drive supplies and buying food and supplies for the kids at Shop with a Cop. There's the Turkey Drive donations, and  police related items to hand out to school age kids plus items for the annual National Night Out."

If you don't need the whole bike,  various bike parts will also be auctioned off. Sergeant Betters says:

"Something for almost everyone"

Bangor Police Department encourages all who are going to attend the auction to follow Maine CDC Covid-19 protocols.

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