The City of Bangor has closed parking areas near the Kenduskeag Stream today out of concern for potential flooding.

Why Is There Concern About Parking?

Heavy rains predicted Sunday night into Monday prompted city officials to make the decision to err on the side of caution. A release was posted by the city on Sunday afternoon stating that some parking areas in the Downtown area of Bangor will be affected by temporary closures.

What Lots Will Be Closed?

With concerns that the heavy rains over the weekend, as well as runoff from melting snow, could cause the Kenduskeag Stream to overflow its banks. The closures include all parking areas adjacent to the canal behind the Pickering Square Parking Garage, Merchants Plaza, Bangor Savings Bank, and Camden National Bank. Parking has been restricted in those areas since midnight. This type of flooding has happened before in downtown and can be harmful to vehicles and, even scarier, dangerous for people trying to access those vehicles. Walking a little further to work or to shop is better than potentially having to dry out your car after it's been flooded or, even worse, needing to be rescued when you become trapped by flood waters.

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When Will They Reopen?

City Officials are asking drivers to be mindful that flooding of downtown parking lots is possible on Monday. They should heed warning signage, which will be in place, and find alternate parking instead. They will be monitoring the situation as the morning goes along, and will reopen the lots when it's deemed safe.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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