A Bangor man is facing multiple charges after allegedly scamming women into giving him access to their computers.

Bangor Police say 23-year-old Dakota Roy is accused of using his own computer to hack into women's social media accounts. He then allegedly contacted the women, posing as a security representative for the social media service, and asking for their passwords in order to reopen their accounts. Police say at least seven women provided the information, and Roy was allegedly able to access their accounts and download private images. In addition, he's accused of taking photographs of an individual, without permission.

Dakota Roy is charged with seven counts of aggravated criminal invasion of privacy and one count of violation of privacy. He was released on bail and is expected to appear in court later this summer.

Police remind residents to use caution when on social media and keep their passwords private. Never provide a password or PIN to anyone via text or a telephone call.

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