Winter Harbor police say the two men suspected in connection with the violent killing of a local man's dog were stern men for the owner's fishing boat. Nathan Burke of Hancock and Justin Chipman of Steuben and Winter Harbor are suspected of taking the man’s SUV on a joyride and killing the dog named Franky whose body washed up on a private beach last week. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Winter Harbor Police.

It was a dramatic rescue on Monday when an injured hiker was lifted through the air to a waiting helicopter from Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park. WABI-TV reports the woman had a leg injury and was taken to a waiting ambulance. The use of the helicopter saved rescuers a dangerous carry of the woman down the mountain.

Maine's foster care system is facing serious challenges right now, as the number of foster families has decreased by 200 in just two years, and the number of children in need of foster care has risen by 45 percent. Experts say the steep increase in foster children is due, in large part, to the opioid crisis. A newly passed spending bill will provide millions in funding for families who invite foster children into their homes.

Literacy Volunteers of Bangor is need of volunteers to help local residents improve their reading abilities. No teaching background is necessary to work as a volunteer, which requires a commitment of just a few hours a week to teach in a one-on-one situation. Find more information about the upcoming volunteer training session at Literacy Volunteers of Bangor website.

According to Maine's version of Punxatawny Phil, we’re in for an early winter. Passy- Pete- the- lobster, chose the scroll in Belfast over the weekend that indicates we should expect less than six more weeks of summer. The crustacean prognosticator was the brainchild of some local business owners who decided a few years ago that it would be fun to have an anti-groundhog to predict the end of summer.

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