A man charged with arson for a fire in Hampden last week is now also accused of sexual assault. Mark Roussel, a frequent visitor to the house, is accused of assaulting a female occupant before setting the fire. Officials say there was also a child in the house when the fire started.

After complaints of slippery road conditions the Maine DOT has suspended its program using a certain type of road sealant. The process is meant to repair imperfections in paved roads, but a spate of accidents on Route 225 in Rome last year has officials concerned it may be making the roads more dangerous.

The Purple Iris Foundation is inviting cancer patients, their families, and caregivers to take part in virtual support groups. The aim is to give everyone affected by cancer a forum to discuss things with their peers, even when they're not able to leave their homes. Find more information on the website for the Purple Iris Foundation..

Triple A New England is offering free safety checks between 9 and 2:30 today for people's cars today at their office on Griffin Road. Their techs will check tires, fluid levels, windshield wipers, batteries, and more to make sure cars are ready for winter.

Lovers of winter knits will want to attend a special fashion show in Belfast this Saturday at the Belfast Boathouse. The Women of Saint Margaret's will host a knit Maine-ia fashion show, with the proceeds to benefit the organization New Hope for Women. Find more information on the Facebook page for the Knit Maine-ia Fashion Show.

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