The Warden Service is reminding hunters to always assume their gun is loaded and keep it pointed in a safe direction after the state’s first hunting fatality of the season. Mark Henderson of Eustis contacted the sheriff's office after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while bird hunting in Flagstaff Township. He later died of his injuries.

A Brewer man was taken to the hospital after being stabbed during an altercation with people visiting one of his neighbors on Chamberlain Street. 18-year-old Devin VanDine is charged with aggravated assault.

The world’s largest polymer 3D printer is being revealed today at the University of Maine. Director Habib Dagher will be showing off a 25-foot, 5 thousand pound patrol boat that was printed at the U-Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. Representatives from the Guinness World Records will be on hand today to confirm that it’s the largest 3D boat ever printed.

Southwest Harbor week kicks off this weekend with Acadia’s Oktoberfest, which includes a wine tasting and brewfest. Activities during the week will include a cemetery tour, photo walk, and the MDI marathon. Find more information on the Acadia Chamber's website.

An Augusta librarian continues her successful run on Jeopardy tonight, after winning the past three nights of the show. So far, Jessica Garsed has won a total of 52-thousand, one-hundred, ninety-nine dollars. She says she gets her love of the game from her grandparents, who will shush anyone who tries to talk to them when Jeopardy is on.

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