A Sorrento man who's banned for life from raising livestock is in trouble again, this time for allegedly mistreating a dog. Mark and Pam Calcia were charged after officials received a tip about the dog's infected leg that the couple claims was under the care of a vet. In January, officials seized more than a hundred animals from his farm because of poor living conditions.

Experts say there may be a large number of ticks this year, so residents should take precautions, including doing regular tick checks. Wearing long pants, tucked into socks and long sleeved shirts when spending any time in wooded areas, keeping lawns mowed, and wearing repellent can all help prevent  picking up ticks

The start of tourist season has health officials urging residents to make sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations. Maine hasn’t had a single confirmed case of measles, but with people from other states coming to Maine, and Mainers traveling to other destinations, they say it’s only a matter of time.

Two Mainers were honored at Friday night’s Boston Celtics game for their bravery and quick response when a tanker truck struck an SUV in Belgrade and caught fire and they pulled the driver from the fire. Veterans Joe Arsenault and Nick Claudel were given the Celtics’ Heroes Among Us Award, during Friday night’s game.

Singer Don McLean is criticizing the University of California’s Student Alumni Association after they offered a lifetime achievement award and then rescinded it after learning of McLean’s domestic assault charges in 2016. The ‘American Pie’ singer’s spokesperson called it disrespectful to rescind an award over the association’s failure to do their due diligence on a widely reported incident.

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