With snow expected for most of the day, many schools have opted for a snow day, instead of holding classes. A full list of cancellations will be updated throughout the day.

First responders around the state are mourning the loss of one of their own on Friday. Captain Joel Barnes lost his life while fighting an apartment house fire. Police and fire personnel lined the streets on Saturday, as Barnes body was transported from the medical examiner’s office to the funeral home, while other first responders saluted from overpasses on Route 4.

An Addison woman had to be rescued after falling through the ice while chasing a dog. The woman had dragged a kayak behind her as she went out on the ice, as a safety precaution, and it was that kayak that firefighters used to pull her to safety. Her husband called 911 when she fell in, but hypothermia set in quickly.

A new phone scam is posing as the Social Security Administration and telling residents that their social security number is at risk of being deactivated or deleted. In addition, they claim that the number has been linked to a crime and is in danger of being locked. Officials advise just hanging up, when receiving one of these calls, and never giving out personal information.

The Bangor Humane Society is looking for donations to help complete renovations to the building. So far, they’ve raised over a million dollars, but could use an additional five hundred thousand. Once completed, the front door will be closer to the parking lot, the dog kennels will be soundproof, so they don’t freak out the cats, who will be getting vertical condos for climbing.

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