For the second time in two years, a Maine woman has received a ticket for not paying a toll in a state she’s never visited. The Secretary of State says the confusion often comes because there are many overlapping numbers on different style plates, and when other states look up a plate number, the chickadee plate almost always comes up first.

A bill before lawmakers would change the start time for Maine high school students so that classes would never begin before 8:30, citing studies that suggest it’s harder for teens to get to sleep early. Supporters say a later start time would make teens more ready to learn, but critics say it would change bus schedules, causing younger students to have to start classes earlier.

The Eddington school system has a seat opening up on the school board, with the resignation of Rusty Gagnon, but so far, no one has shown an interest. Nomination papers need to be returned to the town office by April 12th in order to get on the June ballot for either the Selectman or RSU 63 school board seats.

Acadia National Park officials are exploring options to help control traffic congestion near some of its key attractions, like Cadillac Mountain. One plan would call for a timed reservation system and fees for the parking lots. Under the proposal, reservations would be needed from the middle of June to the middle of October.

A 5k Space Race this Saturday will benefit the Challenger Learning Center’s STEM learning programs. Registration starts at 8:00 Saturday morning at the center on Venture Way in Bangor, but folks can save money by pre-registering on the Challenger Learning Center website.

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