The Maine CDC reports there have been 2,667 cases of COVID-19 so far in the state, which is an increase of 30 since the previous day. 2,062 residents have recovered for an increase of 39.

A Hartland man is facing charges after drug agents dismantled a meth lab at his home. The charges against Corey Swain were elevated to aggravated because his house sits within a thousand feet of a middle school. Officials say more arrests are possible.

Lincoln County’s District Attorney says she will prosecute a former police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Gregori Jackson 13 years ago in Waldoboro. Former officer Zachery Curtis says he and Jackson struggled during a traffic stop in 2007, resulting in the shooting, but DA Natasha Irving says the forensic evidence doesn’t corroborate his claims. The Attorney General’s office ruled the shooting justified and says the DA doesn’t have the authority to levee charges.

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is offering childbirth education classes online for expecting parents, including information on dealing with the life changes that come with a newborn. The 3-step online platform includes a virtual tour of the maternity ward and assurances that a trip to the hospital will be safe. Learn more about the program on our Sunday morning program, Maine Concerns.

Acadia National Park is hiring, with as many as 20 positions open for temporary maintenance, trails, and road work. Applications must be received by June 19th. Find more information about applying on the park’s website.

People traveling through Orono will soon notice several multi-colored wooden animal sculptures, created by a group of 14 friends in celebration of Pride Month. So far, the artists have created a zebra, ostrich, unicorn, and a giraffe, and they hope to add a giraffe. The displays are a socially distancing celebration of the LGBTQ community.

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