An Orrington man faces attempted murder and other charges after a shooting outside the Tesoro restaurant in Downtown Bangor. Police say the incident started when two men noticed 32-year-old Jordan Bishop urinating on their vehicle. He allegedly returned to the scene after the fight and shot one of the men several times.

The Maine CDC has confirmed its first case of Powassan Virus since 2017. The tick-borne illness can cause headache, weakness, confusion and even seizures, and can be fatal, although many people experience no symptoms at all. Find more information on the Maine CDC website.

Maine State Parks will now allow people holding catered events to serve liquor, provided they apply for an alcohol catering permit. State Park officials say they would need to be contacted ahead of any event that included alcohol, and people should apply for the permits early, since they need state and local approval.

Students from around the country will be discussing something other than s'mores at their summer camp that started this week. The first summer session of the Seeds of Peace camp will focus on Israeli and Arab teenagers and tensions in the Middle East.

Helping sick kids in Maine is as easy as buying a blizzard today during Miracle Treat Day. Dairy Queens across the state will donate at least a dollar from every blizzard sold today to children’s health programs, including at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Find more information on the website for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

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