The Maine CDC reports 531 new cases of COVID-19 statewide and three more people, diagnosed with the virus, who have died. Two of the people who passed away were residents of Penobscot County, while the other was from Cumberland County.

Maine lawmakers released statements last night about the violence that erupted in Washington, D.C., stating that the violence must end, and all lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, need to work together to defend democracy. She said that while she doesn't believe the violence represented the true character of Americans, she feels it's a "clear and troubling reflection of a troubled nation."

The Maine CDC is planning to create an online registry for the next phase of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. The online tool would help reduce waiting lines, expedite paperwork, and cut the risk of exposure for people getting the vaccine. Maine would be following the examples of several other states that are already using the tool to make the process safer and more efficient.

Game Wardens are reminding drivers to avoid distractions and keep an eye out for wildlife, especially at dusk and dawn. After several recent accidents, the warden service is cautioning motorists that moose and deer are more likely, this time of year, to be close to roadways because of the deep snow in the woods and the salt on the roads.

Puritan Medical Products, which is based in Guilford, has been named Inc. Magazine's 2020 Company of the Year for its efforts during the pandemic. Puritan makes swabs for COVID-19 testing, and has expanded its operation because of the demand, hiring more than 300 new workers.

A $50 donation to benefit U-Maine athletics and the Alfond Fund will put your face in the stands at the University of Maine's basketball games. Spectators will not be allowed to attend, but fans can buy cardboard cutouts with their images that will be placed in the stands. For an additional $25, the cutout will be signed by the players as a keepsake at the end of the season.

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