The Eastern Area Agency on Aging is offering advice for seniors on how to protect their medical information. Some warning signs of scams include callers asking for personal information, who threaten to shut off benefits, or who are offering something for free. Anyone who thinks they’ve been scammed should call 1-800-Medicare to request a new card, and report it to local police.

LifeFlight of Maine has issued a request to landowners to create clear, open fields in remote areas to be used as possible landing pads, since rescues in remote areas often prove challenging. Find more information at Life Flight Maine dot org.

A New York company has issued a recall on fresh peaches distributed to Hannaford supermarkets in Maine due to a possible listeria contamination. Short-term symptoms include a high fever, severe headache, nausea, stiffness, and abdominal pain. Hannaford has pulled all the peaches off the shelves and encourages anyone who bought them to throw them away and call their store for a refund.

Governor Janet Mills is moving ahead with her plan to put solar panels on the Blaine House in Augusta, something she referred to in her inaugural address. Her administration is asking for proposals to move ahead on plans to design and install a photovoltaic system that would supply 50 percent of the home’s electrical needs.

Ellsworth Police had an unusual call on Friday morning when residents began reporting a seal pup that was making its way up Bayside Road. Police shooed it to the side of the road until they got word from the College of the Atlantic that it was okay to move it. The pup was loaded into a plastic tote and taken by truck to the Trenton boat ramp, where police released him and he swam away.

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