Three men accused in an alleged road rage incident were arrested Sunday after running into Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth. Police responded after a motorist complained that one of the men had made threatening motions with a weapon to their vehicle. Byron Grant of Harrington, Dirk Sawyer of Beals, and Brighton Sawyer of Mercer are charged with burglary, terrorizing, assault, and resisting arrest.

The Eastern Area Agency on Aging is looking for people to take part in a Healthy Eating Study, which will involve three sessions over the course of six months. The aim is to help promote Healthier Eating habits in Older Adults. Find more information on the organization's website.

Frozen pipes are not only inconvenient but can also cost thousands of dollars in damage. So, fire officials remind residents to make sure their pipes are insulated and, in the case of mobile homes, that the skirting is intact. And if the pipes do freeze, use a hairdryer to thaw them instead of anything with an open flame, and thaw them slowly, to avoid causing them to break.

A Bangor facility that promotes STEM learning is offering an unusual way to spend Valentine's evening. Challenger Learning Center will offer a Partner Paint Night, where residents are invited to bring their partners, friends, or come alone to paint a woods scene. Find more information about the event that will help support the center's educational programs on the school's website.

Eighth graders from the Tremont Consolidated School are selling tickets for the 14th annual Ice Fishing Derby, which will be held on February 2nd. The tickets for the derby are also available at the school and at Gott’s store in Tremont, and this year’s PTO prize is a four-wheeler and a trailer. It’s five dollars to enter the derby and tickets must be purchased before the event.

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