The city of Bangor has shut down a large portion of the waterfront walking trail, as a nearly 4 million gallon storage tank is installed. The tank will significantly reduce the number and volume of combined sewer overflows that enter the Penobscot River. The closed portion of trail starts near the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion and extends to the far end of Hollywood Casino.

It was like a scene from CSI in Bangor this week as evidence technicians with the Bangor Police Department trained at two simulated crime scenes. The senior evidence technicians set up fake homicide scenes in Capehart and at the airport so the newer ones could practice the techniques.

A bid to overturn Governor Mills’ veto of a proposal to allow sports betting in Maine was defeated this week when it failed to gather enough votes in the House. Lawmakers nixed the measure in an 85-57 vote. Governor Mills says it’s a signal to lawmakers to slow down.

Lyme disease cases are on the rise, which health experts say is partially due to more people doing tick checks. But a new survey says more than a third of deer ticks submitted to the University  of Maine's tick lab tested positive for Lyme. The number of ticks carrying other tick-borne illnesses was much smaller.

Mainers are invited to go fishing for free this weekend, with no permits needed. Twice a year, the state holds free fishing weekends, in hopes of getting new anglers interested in the sport. Find more information about staying safe on the ice on the website for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

A unique Valentine's gift would  be a visit from a barbershop quartet. The Mainely Maine Chorus is once  again offering singing Valentines, which include two songs and a rose. Find more information on the Mainely Music Chorus Facebook page.

Wheel of Fortune is the latest TV game show to see a big winner from Bangor. Jovan Eary made it to the final round on the show but was unable to solve the puzzle. Still, she ended her debut show with nearly 30 thousand 500 hundred dollars.

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