Lincoln Police seized 21 grams of methamphetamine from a woman that had just allegedly stolen from Marden's. Officers stopped the woman's truck, after she left the store, and found the drugs and various packaging materials, as well as a large amount of cash. Casey Chase faces multiple charges including trafficking and possession of drugs, as well as OUI.

When Maine Drug Enforcement Agents executed a search warrant at a house in Jefferson where they suspected two men were trafficking in cocaine and fentanyl, they found wooden barricades on the doors and security cameras. Gary Beverage and David Beal were arrested in the search that resulted in the seizure of those drugs, as well as three firearms.  

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The Maine Center for Disease Control is investigating whether four cases of Legionnaire’s Disease found in Bangor are connected. Legionnaire’s Disease is a form of pneumonia that’s caused by Legionella, a naturally occurring bacteria that’s found in streams and lakes. It's not spread person-to-person, but rather through things like hot water heaters, air-conditioners, and hot tubs.  

While many hospitals are requiring staff members to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the AP reports area nursing homes are reluctant to follow suit. A survey from the Maine Medical Director’s Association reports staffing shortages have made administrators wary of refusing anyone who wants to work in their facilities.  

Auditions will be held Sunday for Some Theatre Company’s production of Rocky Horror Picture show. The cult classic will be presented in the troupe’s Bangor Mall theatre in October, just in time for Halloween. Find more information and character breakdowns on the website for Some Theatre Company.  

The annual Chapin Park block party is planned for Tuesday, August 10th in Bangor, including a performance by the Bangor Band. Attendees are invited to bring chairs or blankets to enjoy an evening of lemonade, hot dogs, and ice cream. More information can be found on the Chapin Park Block Party Facebook page.  

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