Local police agencies encourage residents that if they see something, to say something immediately but not to believe everything they read on Facebook. The advice comes on the heels of a string of social media posts that have claimed there are people in area parking lots trying to steal children. Police say the cases they’ve investigated have proved to be false.

State Police say the story of a truck driver who said his windshield was shot by two men who then robbed him didn’t happen as it was initially reported. Officials haven’t elaborated about what they believe actually happened, but say there was no attempt to target the truck or the company. The driver wasn’t hurt in the incident.

Health experts say the cause of death for dozens of seals that have washed ashore in Maine this summer may have something to do with Avian flu or distemper. Preliminary tests show the animals tested positive for both, but it’s still unclear whether that contributed to their deaths. People and pets are urged to keep their distance and call authorities if they find a dead or sick seal.

A 5k and nature walk this Saturday is a FUNd raiser for a 3-year-old boy with Dravet Syndrome, who has seizures so severe that he can’t be left alone for a minute. So his two young cousins and their friend have organized the run/walk for Saturday morning at Orrington’s Center Drive School, which will also include face painting, games, snacks.

The American Folk Festival kicks off today with a New Orleans style parade this afternoon. Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the three day festival of international music, food, and culture, is free, with a suggested donation of twenty dollars per day. Find a complete schedule at American Folk Festival dot com

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