Three little girls who decided to help a little boy get a service dog are behind a 5K and family fun day this weekend in Orrington.

It's a bittersweet story. The sad part of the story is that Calvin has Dravet Syndrome, which is a rare, catastrophic, and lifelong form of epilepsy. His seizures are so severe, that Calvin isn't allowed to ever be alone, which means instead of being outside playing, he has to stay by his Mom's side while she cooks and cleans. He can't even hang out in his room by himself because someone has to watch over him every minute.

So a seizure dog would be an answer to the family's prayers. The dog would allow Calvin to spend time away from the adults and give his parents some peace of mind. But the dogs are expensive, and his Mom would have to take a couple of weeks off work to attend training.

And this is where the story turns 'sweet,' in the form of three little girls who heard about Calvin and wanted to help. Calvin's cousins, 11-year-old Jacki and 13-year-old Natalea, along with their friend Ellie, who's 10, decided to organize a 'FUN' raiser to get the money to provide him with a dog. This Saturday, they're holding a Family FUN day at Center Drive School in Orrington that will include a 5K/nature walk that begins at 9 a.m., face painting, games, and snacks. Register online and, if you're one of the first 100, you'll get a free t-shirt.

For anyone who can't attend the event but would still like to contribute, the girls' families have set up a GoFUNdMe page. Kids helping kids. It just doesn't get any better than that.

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