A 71-year-old Camden man is facing multiple charges after leading police on a car chase Saturday morning that started in Northport and ended in Blue Hill. Police say they were alerted to James Thomas by family members who feared he was having a medical issue . Thomas ran over two spike strips and continued driving with a flat tire until a Searsport police officer fired his weapon and disabled the vehicle.

Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor is warning former students and faculty of a possible data breach. School officials say some user names and passwords, along with personal information like dates of birth and social security numbers could have been accessed by malware that could have allowed hackers into the system.

Senator Angus King is supporting an effort to research how medicinal cannabis could benefit veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. He says the act would clarify that the research is within in the authority of the VA.

The American Folk Festival is just days away but is still in need of many volunteers to make sure things run smoothly. Volunteers can work as much or as little as they want, and can choose which duties they want to perform, from collecting donations with the bucket brigade to manning a retail booth. Find more information about opportunities by emailing kate@american folk festival dot com.

A newspaper in China has asked a Waterville restaurant to send them samples of their french fries after Bolley’s Famous Franks received threats of violence over a change from crinkle cut to straight cut fries. TV-chef Rachel Ray’s people have also contacted the owners, who told the Kennebec Journal that the crinkle cuts are just more expensive to make. They say most of their customers are awesome but some feel they’re tampering with tradition.

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