Mainers are reacting to the death of former first Lady and Maine summer resident Barbara Bush. Governor Paul LePage sent his condolences to the family, saying that Mainers hold a special place in our hearts for President and Mrs. Bush, while Senator Susan Collins spoke about her work with literacy and children’s health. Barbara Bush passed away Tuesday evening at her Houston home at the age of 92.

A 19-year-old Boothbay Harbor man is charged with robbery in connection with a Monday morning home invasion. The elderly homeowner told deputies that a young man had come into his house holding some sort of hand tool, but fled after he confronted him. A phone tip led investigators to Hunter Andrews, who admitted to the crime.

The Maine Supreme Justices said yesterday that its not the court’s place to weigh in on legislative initiatives, and so it had ot support the will of the voters who approved ranked choice voting. The measure was taken to the court when Secretary of State Matt Dunlap questioned its constitutionality.

Rape Response Services, which serves folks in Penobscot and Piscataquis counties, now has a feature that makes it possible for folks to talk to sexual assault counselors through chat windows or by text message, which some find a more comfortable way to communicate. Find more information on the Facebook page for Rape Response services.

Maine Game Wardens helped a bear cub recently that lost its mother when she was struck by a car in Caribou. Warden Alan Dudley captured the cub in a dog kennel and then reached out to a wildlife biologist, who recommended they place the cub with an adult female. Officials found a mother bear who was being tracked by the state and placed the cub near her den where she would find it and raise it like one of her own.

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