He’s only 7 years old and he’s Kobalt’s biggest fan. He’s Owen Alley of Bangor.

A listener from Milford alerted Q106.5 to Lowe's website where they did a feature about Owen. He is now know as the "Kobalt Kid." We reached out to his Mom, Jennifer Delano, to ask about how a 7-year-old got started with his love for power tools. Mom shared:

He’s always been into tools.


She is the "Do-It-Yourselfer" in the family and told us:

He was always in the garage and I had to always tell him to ‘Leave my tools alone.'


And how did he get so into Kobalt Tools?

I got a gift of a Miter Saw and he had to help open the box. He loves the color blue and the fact that Kobalt Tools are 24 Volt, he’s a smart kid.

March 21 was Owen’s 7th Birthday, and in family discussions prior to the date, he requested a Kobalt themed party.

Courtesy Jennifer Delano
Courtesy Jennifer Delano

So Mom reached out to Lowe’s and Kobalt to alert them about how much of a fan her son is, expecting that maybe they’d send a hat or something token as a gift. Bangor Lowe’s store manager Ryan O’Donnell did much more.  He reached out to Mom Jennifer to get an invite to the party so he could meet Owen and bring him a Birthday gift.

Jennifer says “Owen didn’t know about the plan, and when the doorbell rang she had Owen go open the door” He was greeted by Ryan and presented with “$100s of dollars worth of Kobalt tools as a gift."


Courtesy Jennifer Delano
Courtesy Jennifer Delano

Owen has two brothers. They are into video games. Owen would rather make stuff. Mom said he got a go cart for Christmas and together

They made a trailer for it, with Owen making the decision about the size it should be.

When asked what her prediction would be about a career choice down the road for Owen, Jennifer said,

He’s so me. He’s into how things work and what’s behind the repair or building process, so maybe an engineer.

Whatever Owen does down the road, we can bet he’ll be a success. And when Mom borrows his tools he’ll keep saying, “That’s okay Mom.”

Happy belated birthday to the Kobalt Kid, Owen Alley. We’re all looking up to you, young man.

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