If you were hoping to swing by the Bangor Humane Society today or tomorrow for any reason, you're going to be out of luck. they announced on their Facebook page, that were needing to close these two days, as they begin the process of some much needed renovations. They'll be back open for business as usual on Wednesday. The building as it stands currently, isn't set up in a way that's as positive for pets and families as they'd love for it to be.

For instance, if someone had to go through the gut-wrenching process of giving an animal up for adoption, that is handled right in the common are of the main lobby. It can be a tearful process that, in the future, will have it's own area set aside. That way tough decisions can be made without having to do it in front of the general public.

Another cool improvement will be that pet viewing areas will be right in the front, as folks walk in. The BHS folks are hoping it can help create a more immediate connection between people and the animals. They also aim to improve the animal housing, by giving them more separation and privacy, making the animals much more relaxed.

Of course, if you are able to donate to this wildly worthy cause you can do so right here. And when you read over the web page, you can really imagine the changes they're making, and how much better it will be for the animals that are there. Ideally, we'll all go adopt them, but at least if one is there for a little while, they will be properly cared for, and able to be at ease. And that, is p-awesome. (Ugh. I know, I'll show myself out...)


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