Bangor Humane Society put out a post on their Facebook page today, letting folks know that they reeeeaallllyy need some help filling up the pantry. The photo they posted shows just how low things are getting over there, so they're reaching out to the community for help getting stocked up on wet cat or dog food.

There's a few different ways you can help out. You could stop by their location on Mt. Hope Avenue in Bangor with a load for the doggies and kitties, You could stop by and donate some money, or even send them a check. Or, they also have an Amazon Wishlist that you can purchase items for them that get sent directly to the Humane Society.

Right now, if I could, I'd empty my wallet into their Wishlist. I think animals are downright dandy, and I die inside a little bit if I think any of them are going without. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I think the folks at the Humane Society are gonna let those animals starve, but I like to think of animals living in a world where they are just spoiled all the time!

Anyway...if you have a few extra bucks you feel good about parting with, keep these furry guys in mind. It's not their fault, so help 'em out!

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