Bangor Greendrinks will hold their monthly party tonight at Tea and Tarts.

So, here I am again, promoting an event that will include my kid. Charlie Butera, who is providing the music for tonight's Bangor Greendrinks event at a new downtown business. The last time I did this was when I attended my very first Bangor Greendrinks event earlier this summer, as they celebrated the new Bangor Savings Bank building on the waterfront. My motivation was a desire to see the beautiful (and very green) facility, and also to hear my son sing. (the attached video is from that night) But I came away with a whole new appreciation for this group that works to promote an environmentally-friendly community.

Their method of spreading the message is pretty cool, too. Bangor Greendrinks hosts parties every month at various local businesses, partnering with a variety of local breweries to provide the beverages. Admission is a suggested donation of $5 and folks are encouraged to bring their own drinking vessel, to cut down on waste. However, anyone who doesn't have a glass can buy a biodegradable cup, or can purchase one of the fancy Bangor Greendrinks glasses.

All the money raised by the parties is used to provide Green Grants to community organizations, to help promote sustainability. The money could be used for big projects, or simply to provide a fancy bike rack so more people can ride, rather than take their vehicles. What a great reason to have a beer and do some networking. Oh, and if you go tonight, wish Charlie a happy birthday. (it was actually yesterday)

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