Bangor State Fair

Walking around the Bangor fairgrounds the day before the fair opens, I can't help but feel the anticipation of what's to come.

There's something special about attending Media Day at the Bangor State Fair. The day before the fair opens, reporters haul their cameras and recorders onto the fairgrounds to conduct interviews, eat a little fair food, and maybe try out one of the rides. As we huddle around the gated-off area, meeting this year's latest animal attraction (a beautiful disc-catching dog and handler), the sounds of construction echo around us.

So I picked up my favorite fair treat, fresh french fries soaked in vinegar and salt, and took a walk around the fairgrounds. And do you know what I noticed? Amidst the energy of carnival workers tightening bolts and putting up tents, the sound of drills and hammers, there was a quiet energy. A feeling of contained excitement, as if the rides were waiting for what's to come. Colorful benches are ready for parents to get a moment's rest while their kids are busy riding giant turtles or swinging the swings.

On the other hand, the horror movie fanatic in me noticed a different vibe coming off the empty attractions. There are the frozen smiles on the elephant ride and the wide eyes of the carousel horses. The sphinx smiles a little too serenely as she waits to swing frightened people through the air. And just as I started to feel things were calming down, I noticed polar bears staring at me, a giant ring with flames, and a tornado ready to spring off the side of a ride and take out the midway. I could almost hear the music building and the evil clown creeping around the....

Of course, this is just my overactive imagination at work. In truth, it's the much-anticipated start of the Bangor State Fair, that offers fun rides, delicious fair food, and the animals in the agriculture barns. This year's fair offers a general admission price and ride tickets, with several ride-all-you-want wristband days. I'll admit, I'm excited about this because I'm not someone who likes the rides, but I enjoy everything else the fair has to offer.

Plan your trips to the fair this year with the complete schedule on the Bangor State Fair website. 

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