A Bangor woman and a man from Massachusetts face charges after a drug bust in Bangor.

Both Suspects Are Facing Drug Charges

Saquan Gaul, 31, of Boston, Massachusetts, and Anita Leo, 42, of Bangor were arrested on drug charges on July 4, 2024.

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Bangor Police Officer Sae He Saw Gaul Driving and Knew He Didn't Have a License

Bangor Police Sergeant Jason McAmbley says it was during the morning hours when Officer Curtis Grenier allegedly saw Gaul driving a car on Union Street in Bangor. Officer Curtis had encountered Gaul the day before during an incident on Union Street and knew he didn't have a valid driver's license but, when the Officer caught up to the vehicle, it was parked and Gaul was walking away. When questioned by the police, Gaul denied that he had been driving.

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The suspect was taken into custody and officials say the car keys were found in his pants pocket. Leo, a passenger in the vehicle, was found to be on probation, and therefore subject to a search, which netted the seizure of $2,875 in cash, fentanyl, cocaine, and cocaine base.

Gaul Has a Previous Drug Conviction

Both people now face charges.

  • Saquan Gaul is charged with driving without a license, aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs, and two counts of unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.
  • Anita Leo was arrested on a probation hold and is charged with possession of scheduled drugs.

Officials say Gaul had a previous felony drug trafficking conviction in 2021.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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