Does your front door to your house look something like this? Ok, maybe this is a bit of an extreme, because this video shows some folks playing a prank on their buddy. But as I was bringing my mom to and from a doctor's appointment this morning, I noticed something.

It's so relatively unimportant, that it never occurred to me.... But, no one in the Bangor area really seems to care much about shoveling off their front porch.

For whatever reason, it has never occurred to me not to. It's just part of the deal. Whenever my family comes to visit or whatnot, they always come through the front door. I suppose I could send them through the garage, but that doesn't seem very inviting. But I would think a snowbound walkway wouldn't seem all that welcoming either.

Then it was like I couldn't un-see it. It didn't matter what neighborhood I was in. Everywhere I went, the majority of the houses had their front porches buried. Including my mom's! Now, I also didn't run right out there and offer to shovel it out either. No one seems to use that door much. Especially winter.

I realize I'm answering my own question as to why. but rest assured, I drove around this morning feeling pretty full of myself, and feeling like most of the rest of you are super lazy. And I'm not sure I've changed my mind, but I'm starting to get it. But hey.... when the mailman won't leave your bulk box of Oreos from Amazon, now you know why.

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