Costumed folks attending Bangor's Comic Con danced wildly to some awesome music, in front of a camera. And the result is infectious!

If you're not familiar with 'cosplay,' it's defined as the practice of dressing up in costumes like characters from books, movies, or video games, especially the Japanese genres of anime and manga. So, at Bangor's convention, known as Comic Con, you might stroll past a group of Ghostbusters, or Catwoman, or even Darth Vader.

While I was on YouTube this morning, I found a video, made by Comic Con attendee Shawn Hill, that  features Cosplayers in Bangor dancing to some awesome music. The result will make you smile, as you tap your toes. I mean, these folks are having a blast! And the costumes are impressive.

Nice video, Shawn! And, to the participants, continue to let your Geek Flags fly!