Granted, with temps like we've seen the last couple days, the concept hardly seems necessary. But we all know that winter is far from over. So the timing is awesome for a recent Tweet that came from the Bangor Community Connector, stating that they will now offer a 'warming palace' when needed in cold weather.

This means folks who are in the downtown area that need to warm up a bit, can do so at the Pickering Square bus hub. There will be a bus parked down there and the route sign on it will read "Special". And, to make sure everyone is feeling safe and sound, there will be a driver on board monitoring the bus at all times.

Again, on days like the last couple, there won't likely be a warming bus parked downtown. However, if you look further ahead in the forecast for the week, there's some cooler temps again, as well as some potential for snow. So a spot like this is much appreciated by those who need it.

Maybe they'll even do something like this in the summer too, but perhaps give folks a place to cool off in the raging heat? I know last year, there were cooling stations at the old Armory that now houses Bangor Parks & Rec. This could definitely be a much needed downtown resource.

At any rate, props to the city of Bangor for recognizing a need, and doing something about it. Stay warm, folks!

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