If you haven’t heard Bed, Bath & Beyond filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection over the weekend.

But you probably already know that the company has been struggling over the past few years, and the pandemic recovery has not taken effect.

What about those 20%-off coupons?

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Immediate Future

Lots of questions about what is going to occur.

First off, those coupons are not good anymore, but beginning tomorrow the company stores are liquidating everything, so there will be deep discounts and going-out-of-business sales.

Is the store in Bangor absolutely closing?


But in a bankruptcy, the parent company could still sell the assets if they found someone willing to assume the debt that the company is in. Meaning if some other operator thought they could operate the store and make it work, they could buy the company. However, any buyer would have to start by assuming the debt.

I love Bed Bath & Beyond, I want to go shopping

Have at it. But know that beginning tomorrow everything will be final sale and items will not be returnable.

I have a gift card. What do I do?

Use that gift card as soon as possible. You have this week and next before they will cease accepting gift cards. May 8th is the use-by date.

What about my Bed Bath & Beyond reward points?

Those loyalty program reward points end May 15.

If you are big Bed Bath & Beyond fan, sorry for your loss. Or should it be said as your probable loss?

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