I know that seems like a pretty obvious statement. All you have to do is look out the window and see that there's plenty of the evil white stuff on the ground. But there is certainly a lot more of it than there would normally be this time of year, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Normally at this time, Bangor would average just under 30 inches of snow for the year. But so far, but we're looking at nearly 45 inches. That's just a few inches shy of the all time January record set back in 1966. Now remember, that doesn't mean that there's 45 inches of snow on the ground as we speak. That's total accumulation. But, if it keeps up, we may all be riding around on Ton-tons like it's the ice planet Hoth.

Caribou did set a record though, this month with 47+ inches of snow. That beats it's previous record set back in 1994 of just over 48 inches. And they actually have all that snow physically on the ground. I don't know how folks do it up there. I know I have anxiety attacks when I think about us getting over a few inches and I have to drive my car with crappy bald tires.

I know none of these kinds of records are the kind we want to break, but I'm  personally a sucker for semi-useless information. But I guess it's not totally useless. You now know just exactly how much snow you get to hate with every fiber of your being. I know that's what I'm doing.

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