A young driver in Baileyville was pulled over under suspicion of OUIPS, when the officer smelled pixie sticks in the air.

This picture was too precious not to share. I don't know the real story behind the situation, but love the caption from the Baileyville Police Department stating the child was pulled over for OUIPS or Operating Under the Influence of Pixie Sticks.

I can understand the charge. Those pixie sticks are pure sugar and can definitely hinder a person's ability to focus. If I had more than one, I'd be bouncing off the walls. (and loving every minute of it!)

But, in all fairness, the child seems pretty calm. Plus, how fast can they go, anyway, in that tiny car? I mean, it is sporty, and maybe it has more pedal-power under the hood than I would guess. Still ... I think the only hazard is to the occasional insect that hops into the road at the wrong moment. Then again, maybe there's some truth to the suspicion that police are more apt to pull over red cars than other colors.

Whatever the truth is behind this photo, I think it's pretty clear that the Baileyville police chief made this child's day. In an age when we're all being bombarded by negative publicity about police, this child appears to be amused by the encounter and probably pretty excited to tell friends about the day they got pulled over by the cops. (He had the blue lights on and everything!)

It should be noted, per the Baileyville PD's Facebook page, that no children or police chiefs were injured in the taking of the photo.

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