A cute little bear cub paid an extended visit to a neighborhood in Bradley this week with no sign of her Mama Bear.

The videos came from Bradley resident Gary Fogg. He told me the cub appeared in his yard one day and just kept hanging around. He shot some video but also stayed a safe distance away in case Mama Bear decided to make an appearance. She never did.

The cub wandered the neighborhood and kept returning to Gary's house. Originally, residents were told by a Game Warden that it's normal for the cub to be left alone. Mothers often do that while they go hunt for food. They were advised to just leave it alone and eventually it will rejoin its mother.

But, finally, the poor little cub had been there long enough that Wardens came to collect her. Last we heard, he was headed to a bear rehab facility in Southern Maine, where Wardens report she's loving all the food and thriving on the attention. We wish her well!

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