Auburn Police have charged two people after 55 cats were seized from their home, living in deplorable conditions.

Where Was This?

Law Enforcement officials became aware of a residence in Auburn that was home to a large number of cats, who did not appear to be receiving the proper care. So on Thursday, a search warrant was executed at the home at 113 Seventh Street in Auburn for suspected neglect of multiple animals living on the property. The city's Animal Welfare Officer was joined by police officers, and animal welfare agents in the inspection of the single-family home.

What Happened With the Cats?

As a result of that search, 55 cats were seized by authorities, while one cat was found deceased. All of the cats were medically evaluated, using Veterinary services provided by the Maine Department of Agriculture, and were then taken to various animal shelters throughout the state. There's no word on whether/when they will be made available for adoption.

Who is Facing Charges?

As a result of this investigation, two people were charged with cruelty to animals:

  • Jeffrey Bartos, 40, Auburn.
  • Miranda Loggan, 35, Auburn.

They are also prohibited from possessing any animals, at least until their first court appearance, which is scheduled for March 20th. Police say the investigation is ongoing and additional charges are possible.

The residence that housed the cats has been deemed 'Uninhabitable" because of the dire living conditions found there.

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