A Rhode Island man allegedly resisted arrest and then tried to damage an East Millinocket Police Cruiser while in custody.

Who Was Arrested?

Alejandro Santana-Hernandez, 45, of Providence, Rhode Island was arrested on Friday by police in East Millinocket.

What Happened?

It all started when an officer was dispatched to a local establishment shortly before 9:00 Friday night, July 21st, for a report of a man who was being disorderly. The caller told authorities that the man was allegedly harassing customers and staff, making very disturbing and vulgar statements, and had refused to leave the premises.

When Officer Clayton made contact with Santana-Hernandez, the Rhode Island man claimed to only be able to speak Spanish, so Clayton used a translation tool to try and communicate with him. East Millinocket Police say it was during this interaction that Santana-Hernandez allegedly grabbed Officer Clayton's arm and wrist and refused to let go, despite being told repeatedly to do so. A brief struggle ensued, but the officer was able to take Santana-Hernandez into custody.

When Did He Try to Harm the Cruiser?

Officers Clayton and Hallett then tried to get the suspect into the cruiser, but Hernandez-Santana refused to comply. After a struggle, he was finally secured in the police cruiser but then allegedly began trying to cause damage to the vehicle. The two officers were joined by Sergeant Gee and Corporal Fitzgerald, and officials say it took all four of them to restrain Santana-Hernandez to secure him for transport. During the drive, police say Santana-Hernandez continued to cause damage to the cruiser, so additional restraints were applied to safely transport him to the Penobscot County Jail.

Once he was at the jail, Santana-Hernandez was charged with assault and refusing to submit to arrest or detention.

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