First a trip back to Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend and Bangor Car Meets planned and executed by Pine State Automotive Enthusiasts. Over 350 cars. Another truck bed full of donations for the Bangor Homeless Shelter and $400 cash to be spread among local non profits.  

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Bangor Car Meets was started by Ty Taylor who says  

Words cannot describe how thankful I am of all the help my friends at Pine State Automotive Enthusiast's have given me this year. You helped make my dream for Bangor Car Meets come true. A fun family oriented weekly car meet with the goal of giving back to the community 

Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

On to the 6th meet of the year. Tonight 6 to 8 p.m., and again at Bangor Mall parking lot, outside where the Sears store used to be located.  The best entrance is directly across from Staples.  

Artie Archie
Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

This is a family friendly event. Come roll in with your friends, park and walk the lot and make some new friends. 

Matt Scott/Gunmetal Studios
Matt Scott/Gunmetal Studios

This week Bangor Car Meets are offering the opportunity for attendees to donate to The Shaw House in Bangor.  Shaw House assists homeless youth.  There will be a vehicle on site that will accept Non-Perishable Food donations and we will also accept cash donations Specific donations Shaw House are looking for: Snacks for Movie night- Chips, candy, sodas etc. Also Personal hygiene items- Deodorant, Toothpaste, Shampoo.  Clothing- Boxers, Briefs, Underwear and socks. Donations are not mandatory.  The vision is to offer a way to give back to the local community if you would like to do so

Justin Orrell/Gunmetal Studios

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