Before.  Dressed, ready to load up with eggs and get on the sleds for the 2019 Q106.5 Egg Ride.

Pine Tree Camp Society
Pine Tree Camp Society

And after that beautiful ride, just before de-egging.

Thank you to everyone involved. There are so many arms and legs involved with the Q106.5 Egg Ride. Planning.  Sponsors.  Event Co-ordination.  The Cardboard Egg Sellers.  T-shirts.  Sleds.  Dysart's events.  All the volunteers who donate time and products so that monies raised all goes to Pine Tree Camp.

The Q106.5 staff gets the fun part.  The actual ride.  It's beautiful.  If you're a snowmobile rider, take the route from Levant to Hermon.  Gorgeous woods.  We have beautiful memories.   Lots of laughs.  And the feel good feeling.

But it's not about us. The Q106.5 Egg Ride is about the Q106.5 listeners stepping up and individuals and families and businesses who donate by calling, donate on-line, buying Cardboard eggs, dropping off $ at the radio station.  Participating in some or all of the activities during the event. However you're involved, the biggest thank you goes to the Q106.5 listeners who give so kids and adults with disabilities can go to Pine Tree Camp regardless of their financial ability to pay.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but trust us they're heartfelt words.

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