After 16 months of division on the pandemic, political contention, and combating social views, a weekend of celebration of our nations' independence took place. We celebrated together, in groups, with hope like we haven't experienced in a long time. This past weekend, many of us gathered together like we haven't in a while and saw family and friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that made us feel kind of normal again.

Despite the challenges we have faced in the past 16 months and the freedom we are starting to feel once again, one thing has not changed -- the compassion and care we Mainers have for one another when a crisis is taking place.

As reported by WABI-TV5, a driver on Interstate 95 jack-knifed his truck and trailer in Bangor on Monday which led to a crash of the vehicle and trailer. As emergency crews worked the scene, more than 15 passing motorists ran out of their vehicles to help the man pinned in the truck. Fifteen and more people cared to help. Fifteen and more people jumped into action. Fifteen and more people cared about the suffering of another and cared to do what they could, together, to help a random stranger.

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The more than 15 people lifted the truck together until firefighters could reinforce the tipped truck in place and use the jaws of life to free the man from his crashed vehicle.

After a long year and a half, after the sacrifices we've made worldwide and the division we've felt even in our own communities, one thing we Mainer's can count on is the compassion and care of strangers in our time of need.

The actions of the over fifteen people who were lifting that truck on Monday are at the core of our community here in Maine, putting divisions aside and ready to help when called, even when it's not expected of us.

Thank you, good Samaritans of that I95 accident on Monday. Mainers needed your action to remind all of us how lucky we are to have each other in our communities because, at our core, we are all compassionate, caring individuals that are stronger together even when the going gets rough.

We wish the best recovery for the man in the accident who was reported to have gone to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. And, gotta give a shout-out to our area firefighters, state troopers, and first responders, ALWAYS!

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